2016 CRAAZ Membership Opportunity This Friday

CRAAZ will open up 2016  membership registration again for ONE DAY ONLY on June 24th, at the ACR Training. We will have hard copy registration forms and will accept cash or check to pay your membership dues (no cards). By becoming a member, you will receive a discounted rate for our fall education conference. As a reminder, here are the costs based on membership type:

  • Active ($25.00) – Primary occupation cancer registry work (abstracting, follow up or supervision). Can vote, hold office and/or chair committee.
  • Associate ($15.00) – Person interested in purpose of association. Primary occupation CANNOT be cancer registry, cannot vote, hold office or chair committee.
  • Inactive ($15.00) – An inactive member is no longer working within the cancer registry field. This category includes retirees, unemployed persons, and persons on extended leave from their cancer registry position. An inactive member shall not vote, hold office or chair a committee, but may serve on a committee.
  • Student ($10.00) – Person enrolled in college level curriculum courses pertaining to medical records or cancer registry. Cannot vote, hold office or chair committee.
  • Sustaining ($50.00) – Person, institution or organization interested in promoting purpose of CRAAZ. Cannot vote, hold office, or chair a committee.

Dues paid after 2/29/2016 are late and an additional $10.00 late fee will be charged. Please be prepared to submit your dues with cash or check. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the ACR Training Friday!