Summertime Madness

We’ve almost made it out of summertime in Phoenix, but what has been hotter than the summer sun are some of ACR’s most recent reports available to you and the Arizona community. Still warm from the printing press; check out Arizona Melanoma Reporting 2018-1, for the most recent update on
physician reporting of melanoma. It’s hard to believe that 2018 changes are among us. At the ACR we are not only preparing for 2018 changes, but also producing information retrospectively on prior diagnosis years such as the release of “Cancer in Arizona – Statistics & Trends.” From day to day work activities, it might be hard to imagine your role in Arizona’s public health system as a single hospital registrar. However, collectively registrars have an enormous impact on cancer analysis through their abstracts. I encourage you to see the impact you make by checking for newly posted information on cancer and related at the ACR website

Kaleb Martorana
CRAAZ Secretary